Buy Here Pay Here In Houston Texas

Buy Here Pay Here  In Houston Texas

For those with a less then perfect credit histories in Texas, a good source for financing is a buy here pay here dealer. These dealers focus on “in house” financing, and, for the most part, will be happy to offer a buy here pay here purchase agreement to all customers who live in Texas.

Simply put, buy here pay here dealers focus on the value of the car or truck they are selling, and the customer’s ability to repay the loan. They may want to inspect items such as pay stubs, utility bills, or lease agreements, but they normally ignore any prior bad credit issues.

Why do they do what conventional lenders do not? Simple – they will repossess the car or truck should the purchaser get too far behind on his or her payments. So, it is a good idea to be sure that you don’t get in over your head simply because you can. Only agree to terms that you can meet.

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Online Car Loan Application. How? By reviewing every application and placing it only with lenders that deal in credit specific to your problems. Each Lending partner within our group specializes in one type of bad credit or another. 1st time buyers, Repo’s, Bankruptcy, Charge Offs, Slow Pays, Disability, Self Employed, Social Security, Divorce & more.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers In Houston Texas

How does buy here pay here work?

No doubt, you’ve seen the billboards and heard the advertisements for “Buy Here Pay Here” used car lots in Houston. Often times, they advertise “Bad Credit or No Credit…No Problem”. How can they do it, is it real or is it a scam?

Even though it sounds too good to be true, it’s no scam. These used car dealers purchase the vehicles at local auctions. Once they are transported to their lots, they are examined by an automotive technician who will repair any mechanical problems encountered. The vehicles are then washed, detailed, priced and ready for sale.

When an interested patron is ready to make a purchase, basically all they need to show is proof of employment. Unlike the large dealerships, no credit reports are run and no banks or brokers are contacted to acquire a loan. When buying from a “Buy Here Pay Here” lot, you are doing just that, buying here and paying here. Keep in mind, the purchase of a vehicle will be “as is”, and no warranties will apply.

Another item to consider, there will be accumulated with the purchase at a “Buy Here Pay Here”. Once a final price has been determined, you will typically have 24 to 36 months to pay off your balance. The monthly payments will be broken down and you will pay a specific amount each month.

If you are trying to establish or rebuild your credit, purchasing a vehicle from 713 Car Loans a “Buy Here Pay Here” lot will offer assistance. At 713 Car Loans, your on-time payments will not reported. On the flip side, if you are unable to meet your payments, the car lot you purchased the vehicle from will repossess your vehicle and this repossession will be reported to the credit bureaus. They will simply re-inspect the vehicle, make any necessary repairs and place it back on the lot for purchase.

Houston Texas In House Financing

Texas In House Auto Financing


While Houston Texas in house financing car lots help many people from Texas with bad credit get a car, many alternatives can lead to better credit and lower rates.

Often times it’s called buy here pay here in Houston Texas or even Houston Texas in house financing, it doesn’t matter what it’s called it means the dealer is the Subprime in house lender. Houston  in-house lending refers to direct lending – you are borrowing from the Texas auto dealer that you buy the car from.

You should also know that using in house finance  is a form of sub-prime lending, and it’s been around for decades. In fact, Texas “in house” lending was the first form of subprime auto lending. This sort of auto financing may have made sense when it started, its been replaced by vehicle financing that is more advantageous to the Texas car buying customers.
People looking to buy a car in Texas have several options available to them no matter their current credit situation. 713 Car Loan can be found with reasonable interest rates even if you have bad credit. Some of the best car loans in Texas are offered to Texas car dealerships that have both good and bad credit ar loan options. Get pre approved for a Texas car loan by filling out our 3 minute auto loan application.

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713 Car Loan –

We pride ourselves in offering Good Reliable pre-owned vehicles with the in-house financing options you need. Whether you have Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit, 713 Car Loan can get you into your next vehicle. Feel free to drop by or call ahead for an appointment. Be sure to check our price against the prices of other car dealerships in Houston Texas. Whether you are planning to buy now or will be buying in the future, 713 Car Loan offers the best selection of used sedans, pickups, convertibles, coupes, and SUVs of any car lot in the area, plus great prices! Our Quality, Sales and Satisfied Customers prove it!
From our convenient location at 7070 Southwest Freeway Houston Texas 77074, you can check out all the sedans, pickups, convertibles, coupes, SUVs and other vehicles we have in stock. We also serve Houston Tx , Galveston Tx, Sugarland Tx, Spring Tx, Katy Tx, Pearland Tx, Greenspoint, Acres Homes,and Mousourri City Tx. We also have a large customer base in San Antionio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Richmond, and The Entire Texas Area that we’ve helped find great pre-owned vehicles. So don’t hesitate to come down and see for yourself what 713 Car Loan “Top Notch Service” is all about!

Used Tires Houston Texas

With nearly 20,000 used tires in stock every day, we have continually set the market standard for used tires. We stand behind every tire that we sell with A Free FLAT Repair   warranties. We also offer new tires at the lowest possible price. We are the only tire company to give a FREE 1 year road hazard warranty with all our new tires.

We believe in what we sell, so we stand behind it.

The industry’s best warranties on new and used tires

Fast Service (usually in 30 minutes or less)

Nearly 20,000 used tires in stock everyday

3 Convenient valley locations

Family owned and operated

1000 plus new tires in stock daily

All tires come with a lifetime balance, rotation, and flat repair

Our business is located at 7070 Southwest Freeway in Houston Texas!Our company stocks 3000 or more quality used tires in many sizes for your light trucks, passenger vehicles, and vans here at our store, 713 Used Tires. We have discount prices starting at $20.00; they will be based on the size of the tire and also based on the remaining tread. . For the availability and pricing, please call us today at 713-942-0294.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Arizona Retreaders.

We at 713 Used Tires. Are at a convenient location & we have great service

Our company has a courteous, efficient, friendly, well-trained staff.

We service most vehicles very quickly; we have you under an hour, in and out.

Our company has been trained with State-of-the-art, certifications and equipment.

We supply our customers with Passenger tires, low profile tires, high performance tires, light truck tires, and lawn & garden tires.

We stay with competitive pricing on used tires and new tires.

We also keep a large used tire inventory –with more than 3000 quality used tires in stock.

Our used tires very organized, labeled and priced for easy quick access.

A lot of our new tire brands are available in less than an hour or the next day for your convenience.

We are an equal opportunity company.

Our company is committed to recycling tires, aluminum and steel.

Our Used TiresWe have over 3000 quality used tires in stock.1 year flat repair warrantyLight truck tiresPassenger tires

Most sizes

Assorted brands

Carefully inspected

Labeled & priced

13″-24″ sizes

Low profile tires

High performance tires

Lawn & garden tires

Our Used & New Tire ServicesComputerized balancingMatchmaker® balancingTire DisposalRoad force balancing

Aftermarket wheels

Flat repairs

Tire dismount/mount

Standard and metal valve stems

Our New Tires

We carry the same quality tires that others carry but at competitive prices with great service. Only at 713 Used Tires! Most new BFGoodrich, Hankook, Uniroyal, Goodyear and Mastercraft Toyo, Hercules, Signet, Delta, Michelin. We can have your brand tires available in less than an hour or close to it. Some of the other brands such as, Mickey Thompson General, Continental Bridgestone, Firestone, Dunlop, and others – along with custom wheels – can be available the next day

OUR SHOP MOTTO: “Cheap Yet Quality Used Tires Delivered With Great Service!”

We offer superior discount pricing on used tires for All of our customers. What this means is low prices on the quality used tires you are looking to buy . We are Houston Texas’ premier used tire outlet serving the entire Harris County area. We  even deliver & offer mobile service inside the 610 loop areas under center circumstances. Nationwide shipping is available for 713 Used Tires preferred wholesale tire customers.

Our large Houston  based warehouse is not only where we store our wide selection of new & used tires, we also offer full tire service. We can mount and balance your newly purchased tires for Free. Need new rims? No problem, we can take care of everything for you in one stop.

Where We Find High Quality Used Tires:

Used tires come from one place and one place only-off of cars that have drove on them. We are able to get so many high quality low cost tires because of our new tires sales and our relationship of local tire shops, repair centers and customizations facilities. Many times we offer a credit to our customers towards the purchase of their new tires if they leave the old set with us. Other times, particularly when its a customization, they leave the set with us for practically nothing. When we get them this cheap we really pass on the savings to you.

Tire Quality:

We ensure that our used tires are safe to drive during all weather conditions, especially the summer heat. All of the used tires we sell have at least 50% to 70% tread remaining with some almost brand new!

Tire Brands:

Just a few of the tire brands we carry: Dayton, Fuzion, Nankang, Runway, Starfire, Toyo, Yokohama, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Kumho, Bridgestone, Uniroyal, Goodyear, Pathfinder, Dunlop, Hankook, Ameritrac, Firestone, Continental, Definity, Maxxis.

4 Most Popular Tire Sizes:

We have found through our years of industry experience the four most popular tires sizes for passenger cars are P225/60R16, P235/75R15, P205/65R15 and P215/70R15. You can check this by looking on the sidewall of your tire, however if you are not sure feel free to contact us and we can help.

Tires Sizes:

165/70/13, 165/80/13, 165/80/15, 175/65/14, 175/70/13, 185/60/14, 185/60/15, 185/65/14, 185/65/15, 185/70/13, 185/70/14, 185/75/14, 195/50/15, 195/50/16, 195/55/15, 195/60/14, 195/60/15, 195/65/14, 195/65/15, 195/70/14, 195/75/14, 205/40/17, 205/45/16, 205/50/15, 205/50/16, 205/55/15, 205/55/16, 205/60/15, 205/60/16, 205/65/15, 205/70/14, 205/70/15, 205/75/14, 205/75/15, 215/35/18, 215/40/17, 215/45/17, 215/50/17, 215/55/16, 215/60/15, 215/60/16, 215/65/15, 215/65/16, 215/70/15, 215/70/16, 215/75/15, 215/85/16, 225/30/20, 225/35/19, 225/35/20, 225/40/18, 225/45/17, 225/50/16, 225/55/16, 225/55/17, 225/60/15, 225/60/16, 225/60/17, 225/70/16, 225/75/15, 225/75/16, 235/35/19, 235/40/17, 235/40/18, 235/45/17, 235/60/16, 235/65/17, 235/65/18, 235/70/15, 235/70/16, 235/75/15, 235/75/16, 235/85/16, 245/35/19, 245/35/20, 245/40/17, 245/40/18, 245/45/16, 245/45/17, 245/45/18, 245/50/16, 245/65/17, 245/70/16, 245/70/17, 245/75/16, 255/35/20, 255/40/17, 255/45/17, 255/50/20, 255/65/16, 255/70/16, 265/35/18, 265/35/22, 265/50/20, 265/65/17, 265/70/16, 265/70/17, 265/75/15, 265/75/16, 275/30/19, 275/40/17, 275/40/20, 275/45/20, 275/55/20, 275/60/17, 275/65/18, 275/70/16, 285/50/20, 285/60/18, 285/70/17, 285/75/16, 295/45/20, 305/35/24, 305/40/22, 305/45/22, 305/50/20, 305/70/16, 309/50/15, 315/70/17, 315/75/16, 325/60/18, 325/65/18.