Used Tires Houston Texas

With nearly 20,000 used tires in stock every day, we have continually set the market standard for used tires. We stand behind every tire that we sell with A Free FLAT Repair   warranties. We also offer new tires at the lowest possible price. We are the only tire company to give a FREE 1 year road hazard warranty with all our new tires.

We believe in what we sell, so we stand behind it.

The industry’s best warranties on new and used tires

Fast Service (usually in 30 minutes or less)

Nearly 20,000 used tires in stock everyday

3 Convenient valley locations

Family owned and operated

1000 plus new tires in stock daily

All tires come with a lifetime balance, rotation, and flat repair

Our business is located at 7070 Southwest Freeway in Houston Texas!Our company stocks 3000 or more quality used tires in many sizes for your light trucks, passenger vehicles, and vans here at our store, 713 Used Tires. We have discount prices starting at $20.00; they will be based on the size of the tire and also based on the remaining tread. . For the availability and pricing, please call us today at 713-942-0294.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Arizona Retreaders.

We at 713 Used Tires. Are at a convenient location & we have great service

Our company has a courteous, efficient, friendly, well-trained staff.

We service most vehicles very quickly; we have you under an hour, in and out.

Our company has been trained with State-of-the-art, certifications and equipment.

We supply our customers with Passenger tires, low profile tires, high performance tires, light truck tires, and lawn & garden tires.

We stay with competitive pricing on used tires and new tires.

We also keep a large used tire inventory –with more than 3000 quality used tires in stock.

Our used tires very organized, labeled and priced for easy quick access.

A lot of our new tire brands are available in less than an hour or the next day for your convenience.

We are an equal opportunity company.

Our company is committed to recycling tires, aluminum and steel.

Our Used TiresWe have over 3000 quality used tires in stock.1 year flat repair warrantyLight truck tiresPassenger tires

Most sizes

Assorted brands

Carefully inspected

Labeled & priced

13″-24″ sizes

Low profile tires

High performance tires

Lawn & garden tires

Our Used & New Tire ServicesComputerized balancingMatchmaker® balancingTire DisposalRoad force balancing

Aftermarket wheels

Flat repairs

Tire dismount/mount

Standard and metal valve stems

Our New Tires

We carry the same quality tires that others carry but at competitive prices with great service. Only at 713 Used Tires! Most new BFGoodrich, Hankook, Uniroyal, Goodyear and Mastercraft Toyo, Hercules, Signet, Delta, Michelin. We can have your brand tires available in less than an hour or close to it. Some of the other brands such as, Mickey Thompson General, Continental Bridgestone, Firestone, Dunlop, and others – along with custom wheels – can be available the next day

OUR SHOP MOTTO: “Cheap Yet Quality Used Tires Delivered With Great Service!”

We offer superior discount pricing on used tires for All of our customers. What this means is low prices on the quality used tires you are looking to buy . We are Houston Texas’ premier used tire outlet serving the entire Harris County area. We  even deliver & offer mobile service inside the 610 loop areas under center circumstances. Nationwide shipping is available for 713 Used Tires preferred wholesale tire customers.

Our large Houston  based warehouse is not only where we store our wide selection of new & used tires, we also offer full tire service. We can mount and balance your newly purchased tires for Free. Need new rims? No problem, we can take care of everything for you in one stop.

Where We Find High Quality Used Tires:

Used tires come from one place and one place only-off of cars that have drove on them. We are able to get so many high quality low cost tires because of our new tires sales and our relationship of local tire shops, repair centers and customizations facilities. Many times we offer a credit to our customers towards the purchase of their new tires if they leave the old set with us. Other times, particularly when its a customization, they leave the set with us for practically nothing. When we get them this cheap we really pass on the savings to you.

Tire Quality:

We ensure that our used tires are safe to drive during all weather conditions, especially the summer heat. All of the used tires we sell have at least 50% to 70% tread remaining with some almost brand new!

Tire Brands:

Just a few of the tire brands we carry: Dayton, Fuzion, Nankang, Runway, Starfire, Toyo, Yokohama, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Kumho, Bridgestone, Uniroyal, Goodyear, Pathfinder, Dunlop, Hankook, Ameritrac, Firestone, Continental, Definity, Maxxis.

4 Most Popular Tire Sizes:

We have found through our years of industry experience the four most popular tires sizes for passenger cars are P225/60R16, P235/75R15, P205/65R15 and P215/70R15. You can check this by looking on the sidewall of your tire, however if you are not sure feel free to contact us and we can help.

Tires Sizes:

165/70/13, 165/80/13, 165/80/15, 175/65/14, 175/70/13, 185/60/14, 185/60/15, 185/65/14, 185/65/15, 185/70/13, 185/70/14, 185/75/14, 195/50/15, 195/50/16, 195/55/15, 195/60/14, 195/60/15, 195/65/14, 195/65/15, 195/70/14, 195/75/14, 205/40/17, 205/45/16, 205/50/15, 205/50/16, 205/55/15, 205/55/16, 205/60/15, 205/60/16, 205/65/15, 205/70/14, 205/70/15, 205/75/14, 205/75/15, 215/35/18, 215/40/17, 215/45/17, 215/50/17, 215/55/16, 215/60/15, 215/60/16, 215/65/15, 215/65/16, 215/70/15, 215/70/16, 215/75/15, 215/85/16, 225/30/20, 225/35/19, 225/35/20, 225/40/18, 225/45/17, 225/50/16, 225/55/16, 225/55/17, 225/60/15, 225/60/16, 225/60/17, 225/70/16, 225/75/15, 225/75/16, 235/35/19, 235/40/17, 235/40/18, 235/45/17, 235/60/16, 235/65/17, 235/65/18, 235/70/15, 235/70/16, 235/75/15, 235/75/16, 235/85/16, 245/35/19, 245/35/20, 245/40/17, 245/40/18, 245/45/16, 245/45/17, 245/45/18, 245/50/16, 245/65/17, 245/70/16, 245/70/17, 245/75/16, 255/35/20, 255/40/17, 255/45/17, 255/50/20, 255/65/16, 255/70/16, 265/35/18, 265/35/22, 265/50/20, 265/65/17, 265/70/16, 265/70/17, 265/75/15, 265/75/16, 275/30/19, 275/40/17, 275/40/20, 275/45/20, 275/55/20, 275/60/17, 275/65/18, 275/70/16, 285/50/20, 285/60/18, 285/70/17, 285/75/16, 295/45/20, 305/35/24, 305/40/22, 305/45/22, 305/50/20, 305/70/16, 309/50/15, 315/70/17, 315/75/16, 325/60/18, 325/65/18.



Houston Used Tires on Sale

Houston Used  Tires on Sale

Used Tires

713 Used Tires is a leading shop for Used Tires in  Houston Texas. Quality affordable car tires, truck tires, and more at economical pricing and fast & free instalation makes713 Used Tires in Houston your tire shop of choice. Our used tire selection includes all major brand-name tires for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans and commercial vehicles. 713 Used  Tires has thousands of quality air checked used tires at cheap prices. From our state of the art equipment, to our certified technicians, we will have you in and out quickly!713 Used Tire’s provide top-quality services for used tire installation, alignments, front-end parts, brakes, etc in Houston Texas. Used Tires can be an affordable alternative to buying brand new tires in Coral Springs. We stock many tires that came from great low mileage vehicles. In many case our tires are barely driven on. Try us next time you need a new set of tires or if you just need to replace one.

This Month We are Selling Our P215- 60- R16 inch Used tires for ONLY $40.00


Buy 3 get the 4th tire free

Buy three tires and get the fourth one free on select sizes at 713 Used Tires! With winter here you cannot afford to be without good tires on the icy roads, so stop by today and present this voucher for unbelievable savings.


Tires For Sale

Tires are one of the most important parts of the car and you wouldn’t want to get caught out with below par tires. That’s why this site is great for you to find used and new but ultimately cheap tires and rims for sale at very very good prices


Instructions on Buying Houston Used Tires on Sale

    • 1
      Cracks in tire

      You need to be careful when you buy used cheap tires and inspect them closely. You’re looking for at least 50% good tread life left. You also need to look for small cracks from getting dried up in the sun if they haven’t been used in a while. Also look at the sidewall for scrapes and look for plugs from where it was possibly flat before. Make sure you ask them to submerge tires in water and look for air bubbles which mean LEAKS!

      Then there’s another kind of bubble which you can feel or even see if you inspect properly. It comes from hitting holes, messed up belts and driving with low tires. This is  unsafe and what causes the bubble is air pressure that pushes it out making it swell.


Used Tires in Houston Texas

713  Used Tires has been offering high quality used tire sales and installation services to the Houston area for over 10 years.


We specialize in the sales and installation of car, suv, van and truck tires on both foreign and domestic vehicles and we can patch and repair flat tires as well. We are a family owned and operated business that strives for complete customer satisfaction



Save Money With Used Tires in Houston Texas

Are you looking for used tires Houston Texas? Many people in these tough economic times are looking for ways to save money. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider the possible savings and advantages of buying used tires for their vehicles.

Used Tires Colorado SpringsUsed tires are a safe and cheap alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on new tires – many used tires are reclaimed from dealerships, and all tires are rigorously inspected and tested to make sure they meet safety requirements and to insure there will be no problems arising from their use.



When it comes to used tires Houston Texas, you know you’ll get the best service possible from 713 used Tires, and you also know that your safety is their first concern when you go to them looking for used or discount tires. With their decade of experience on your side, you’ll know that they’re going to give you the safest and best value for your money with your used tires.

No matter what your need is, as long as tires are what you need, 713 USed tires in Houston can provide it to you. They provide tires and service to all kinds of vehicles; from motorcycles and cars all the way to large vehicles such as buses. They’ll also take care of all your needs for pressure checks, rotation, balancing, mounting and tire repairs.

Used Tires Houston and Surrounding Area

713 Used Tire is dedicated to providing the best possible service to their customers and have a decade of experience doing so in Houston Texas. Customers come from all over – Sugarland, Fort Bend, Greenspoint, Katy, Klien, Cypress, Spring, Humble– to name a few areas around where we have satisfied customers. You can look to us for all your tire needs, from service and maintenance to pressure checks. You can rest assured you’ll also get the best deals and discounts on new and used tires in Houston Texas.


From balancing and tire switches to rotations, our services are always completed in just 5 to 10 minutes. As a locally owned and operated shop, we care about our customers, so we provide fast services, but we still take the time to give valuable advice to our customers


For The entire month of febuary 713 Used Tires is Selling 215/60/16 inch used tires For only $40.00 Each.Buy 3 get the 4th tire free. 


Used Tires Houston

 Used Tires Houston

Used Tires Houston provides top quality new, used tires and thorough service for all residential and commercial customers in the Houston area.

Used Tires & Wheels: Sales, Installation, & Service
We carry a large selection of used wheels/used tires/used rims. Our technicians are very experienced at inspecting, installing, and rotating wheels/tires. We also offer used tires and wheels at the lowest prices in Houston.


Alignment Service
Maintaining proper alignment is important. It helps minimize wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires as well as your steering column.


Brake Pad/Rotor Inspection, Replacement & Installation
Our technicians have years of experience inspecting, servicing, and replacing/installing brakes. We”ll make sure you have quality brake pads and rotors and plenty of brake fluid. We’ll make sure you leave here with quality brake service.


Oil & Air Filter Service
Chaging out your oil and filters are an ongoing must and helps ensure your vehicle runs smoothly by minimizing wear wear on your engine and keeping your air filtration running smoothly.


Tune Ups
Tune ups important for maintaining you vehicle’s health and longevity. Come and see us for a tune-up. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle stays healthy.

Misc. Mechanic Work & Auto Repair
We also provide a number of other mechanic/auto repair services. We also offer discounted used/refurbished parts.



Used Tires
713 Used Tires  prides itself on having a huge selection used tires for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles which we will balance and install on your vehicle while you wait.

Our inventory is sorted by size, and type and all of our tires are inspected, cleaned and tagged. Customers are welcome to accompany a staff member to the appropriate used tire section, to view the inventory, and make an informed selection. We offer free flat repair on all tires we sale.

At 713 Used Tires , we strive to make your used tire buying experience a pleasant and satisfying one. Our staff are trained to listen to your wants and needs, and we truly desire to make sure we do everything possible to meet or exceed your expectations.