Quality Used Tires

713 Used Tires has the Largest Selection of Used tires in Houston.

Quality Used Tires in Houston. 713 Used Tires  is a family owned business that has served the Houston, Tx  community for over 20 years. We stand for quality customer services that keep our customers coming back. We offer a huge selection of used tires at great low prices.

Quality Used Tires’ Services Include:

  • Quality used tires
  • New and used tires
  • Custom wheels
  • Mounting and balancing

Used Tires Specialist for Houston, TexasGood Used Tires Portland, ORMany people have never considered purchasing used tires. However, a used tire make good sense.

  • Used tires are a safe choice
  • Used tires are economical
  • Used tires are good for the environment

713 Used Tires Has a Huge Selection of Quality Used Tires

We have one of the largest selections of used tires in Houston. We can get any tire you need within one or two business days. Call us today at (713) 942-0294.

Safety is most important too me. Isn’t it best to buy new rather than used tires?

Our used tires have at least 50% tread (some 80% or 90%). We don’t sell worn-out tires. If you adhere to the rules of tire safety—rotating tires and checking air pressure frequently—used tires will be just as safe for you.

How long will my used tires last?

It depends on the tread left on the tire, but most used tires will last 60% to 70% of the life span of a new tire.

Why would anyone discard a perfectly good tire?

Fender benders, totaled vehicles and programs like the federal Cash for Clunkers or the AIR Check Program all contribute to the supply of good, used tires. When cars are put to scrap, there is no good reason to discard a perfectly safe tire with good tread.

How much will I save by buying used tires?

You can save up to 50% or more when you buy a used tire. At 713 Used Tires, we have a huge selection of used tires. On the off chance we don’t have the tire in stock that you need, we can get it within a few days. Call first and we’ll check to make sure we have it in stock.

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