Used Tires Houston

 Used Tires Houston

Used Tires Houston provides top quality new, used tires and thorough service for all residential and commercial customers in the Houston area.

Used Tires & Wheels: Sales, Installation, & Service
We carry a large selection of used wheels/used tires/used rims. Our technicians are very experienced at inspecting, installing, and rotating wheels/tires. We also offer used tires and wheels at the lowest prices in Houston.


Alignment Service
Maintaining proper alignment is important. It helps minimize wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires as well as your steering column.


Brake Pad/Rotor Inspection, Replacement & Installation
Our technicians have years of experience inspecting, servicing, and replacing/installing brakes. We”ll make sure you have quality brake pads and rotors and plenty of brake fluid. We’ll make sure you leave here with quality brake service.


Oil & Air Filter Service
Chaging out your oil and filters are an ongoing must and helps ensure your vehicle runs smoothly by minimizing wear wear on your engine and keeping your air filtration running smoothly.


Tune Ups
Tune ups important for maintaining you vehicle’s health and longevity. Come and see us for a tune-up. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle stays healthy.

Misc. Mechanic Work & Auto Repair
We also provide a number of other mechanic/auto repair services. We also offer discounted used/refurbished parts.



Used Tires
713 Used Tires  prides itself on having a huge selection used tires for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles which we will balance and install on your vehicle while you wait.

Our inventory is sorted by size, and type and all of our tires are inspected, cleaned and tagged. Customers are welcome to accompany a staff member to the appropriate used tire section, to view the inventory, and make an informed selection. We offer free flat repair on all tires we sale.

At 713 Used Tires , we strive to make your used tire buying experience a pleasant and satisfying one. Our staff are trained to listen to your wants and needs, and we truly desire to make sure we do everything possible to meet or exceed your expectations.

Cheap Used Tires

Cheap Used Tires For Sale
Finding The Best Cheap Used Tires For Sale
Purchasing used tires can save you a fortune when you’re replacing the tires for your motor vehicle. Looking for cheap used tires for sale is one thing that many vehicle owners are turning to so as to stretch the dollar further.


You might be wondering why there is an abundance of cheap used tires for sale on the market. The answer is really quite simple. Firstly some motor vehicle owners replace their tires regularly even when they don’t need replacing. Secondly some people are persuaded by their car salesman or friends that they need to keep their car up to date – you know those people who like to have the newest models of tires or accessories to keep their beloved car up to the best standard. Lastly the tires of cars used in showrooms are usually sold as used tires.

All this means is  there is always a good supply of cheap used tires for sale on the market that will be of almost new quality. 713 Used Tires Has the best quality cheap used tires in Houston.


Things To Check
You need to first ask yourself what kind of road conditions or terrain you’ll be driving on and what type of tires you require; do you need off-road tires, all terrain tires or light truck tires ? Other than comparing prices when you buy used tires, you will also want to inspect the tires physically to make sure they are in good working condition before you make your purchase.


Check that the tread on the tire is still good and that it hasn’t worn down at certain parts of the tire. Don’t buy the used tires if they have deeper tread on some parts and are thinner at other points. Tires must have an even tread so that they work efficiently and last longer.

Check if the tires have had any previous repairs and examine them for any cracks or marking that could mean a repair has taken place. Also check out the beads and see whether the tire belt is still in the correct position. If it’s loose it means the tire will not work correctly or give good handling.

If you are looking for cheap used tires, the best thing you can do is call around. Before you talk to any dealers, however, figure out how many tires you need and what the correct size is. Many tire deals will offer packages, so it is sometimes more economical to get two or four tires at a time. Consider not only the cost of the tire, but also the installation fee. If you have a company that you trust, ask if they match prices. If so, you’ll be able to get cheap tires put on your vehicle from someone you trust. 713 Used Tires, we have chep used tires with NO HIDDEN INSTALLATION Charges. We ALWAYS mount and balance your cheap new or Used tires for FREE!!


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Houston’s Used Tire Shops TIRE SERVICE Improve your vehicle’s handling, increase tire life, and drive safely by checking your tires monthly to insure they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure

Here at 713 Used Tires we offer a wide range of tires for your vehicle.

Our talented team of professionals can help you find, balance, and mount the right tires for your car. Some of the Tire Services We Offer are…

Wheel Alignment                                        

Please give us a call us at (713-942-0294)so that we may better assist you.   





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